Our Story

The vision started off by one brother wanting to accomplish another brothers dream Chaise. As a Cycling Couture Brand we wanted to do more than just sell clothing but create an ethos, a vision, a movement where people could be inspired to accomplish anything they set their minds to.

We believe that everyone has potential for greatness. We created this brand using some of the finest textiles to produce unrivalled cycling apparel in performance and comfort.

We drew influence from the Italian culture having spent years immersing in Italy's rich culture, their passionate love for cycling and the way they ooze class on the bike.

Cycling is our passion, we really wanted this to come through in a our clothing.We wanted this to be a brand for cyclists by cyclists. 

We spend months researching the materials, combining the most luxurious fabrics with technical and aerodynamic function. We put every single item of clothing to the test by doing what we love... riding our bike and making sure every item meets our high standard. We scrutinise and test our apparel across Europe, South Africa and the UK through rain, snow and extreme heat. We've put thousands of miles on the clock in training, on the track and most importantly in race conditions to see how our apparel performs under varying conditions. 

We believe in working with the best in the industry. We’ve spent years researching and working alongside MITI and other well established brands sourcing the best fabrics and materials. We’ve travelled to various locations building relationships with reputable businesses that share our same passion.





They say that cycling is a disease... well they were right because I got infected at 9 and ever since then this disease has become ingrained in my anatomy. It's so enriched in my blood that the only thing that can overflow is the passion for what I absolutely love.

I grew up in Cape Town during the Apartheid era and every Saturday morning I was taken to cycling skills training which was a programme for young underprivileged kids to learn how to ride a bike and potentially be the stepping to stone to start racing. I was very competitive and all I ever cared about was being one of the chosen few to get selected to join the local clubs to have the opportunity to race.

Over the last 20 Years I've had the unbelievable opportunity to race across South Africa, Europe and the United Kingdom and race against some of the world's top athletes.

My other passion is cooking, I've been a chef for 15 years working in some of the UK's finest establishments from rosette to Michelin Star restaurants as well as being a private chef for the elite. Both passions share similar comparisons as they push you to the absolute limit of physical exertion to get the most out of yourself. It's even more trying to combine both as I used to train 60-100km before a 14 hour shift or race before work and finish at 2am in the morning. You do what you do because you love what you do.

I wanted to use the same ethos that a chef would use to create an amazing dish in a Michelin star kitchen, first sourcing the finest ingredients whether that was from the garden or sourcing it from our artisan suppliers. I always created dishes based on emotion, seasonality and inspiration. I like starting with great produce that's been picked or delivered from a local farmers shop and then allow those creative juices to flow. We'd get the chefs together bouncing ideas and flavours from each other and finally coming up with something absolutely mouthwateringly spectacular that would ignite the senses and palate.

We apply this same ethos to how we create every single item of clothing for the Chaise brand, it starts with an idea. We then pool 100's of fabric textiles, colour swatches and we bounce ideas off each other until we've created something we feel would just that ooze Italian swag.