Chaise Cycliste

The vision started off by one brother wanting to accomplish another brothers dream Chaise, as a Cycling Couture Brand we wanted to do more than just sell clothing but create an Ethos, a vision, a movement where people could be inspired to accomplish anything they set their minds to.

We believe that everyone has potential for greatness.

Climbers Jersey
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Primervera Climbers Jersey
Our most advanced Bibshorts with Swiss technology filtered down from the pro peleton, incorporating fine ceramic particles designed for resistance to abrasions, regulate temperature through heat transfer.
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Tribal Forest green
Our New Tribal Jersey Inspired by our African roots is a perfect marriage of African culture infused with Italian design. Produced using luxurious Italian technical fabrics, our Forest Green Tribal jersey is a perfect blend of style and functionality.
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All Seasons

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chaise your dreams

Our Vision was to produce unrivalled cycling couture that is the pinnacle in performance, comfort and style that would inspire you to get out and pursue those dreams 


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