Gorges du Verdon - A Magical Turquoise Climb

The Verdon river is famous for its turquoise-green waters which is where its name derives from. Gorges du Verdon spans out 25km and has a depth of 700m to those magical turquoise rivers which carves through the canyons.

You can either enjoy this climb in the car and take in the picturesque views that surround you or you can hop on your bike and just let your senses waft you away up one of the most spectacular scenery this area has to offer. There are some stunning places in the area but nothing quite comes close to the pure breathtaking scenery of the Gorges du Verdon. The great canyon of south eastern France is situated in the Alpes-Haute-de-Provence region.
The climb of the Gorge du Verdon is 14km with a gentle gradient of 2.4%.This climb really suits all levels of ability and has ample sections for you to just stop and take a breather and just take in the views of the Gorge which stretches out for miles and miles.
As you go through the first tunnel of caves carved into the side of the mountain, you get teased to your right by the windows showcasing the picturesque views you are about to indulge in once you come out on the other side of the tunnel.
Halfway up the climb you are greeted by the bridge which is a great place to stop and just take in the views of the gorge and a quick drink at the cafe at the end of the bridge. If you really want to reward yourself continue up the climb, the roads twist up and allows you respite of shade from the blazing sun as you roll over a brow 6km from the to.
Gorges Du Verdon
There's a hotel to your right called Hotel le Grand Canyon so take notes of where it is and carry on up the climb as that's your reward after you've descended back down.
As you ascend towards the top, the last 4 km is probably the steepest part of the climb but nothing that takes the gradient into double digits. The final ascent is gradual which allows you to get into a rhythm as you grind away towards the top where you are greeted with exquisite picturesque scenery showing what this region has to offer.

Now for your reward, descend back on yourself 6 km to Hotel Le Grand Canyon which is a cycling friendly hotel. Head straight to the restaurant, order yourself a drink and just allow some time to absorb the exceptional panoramic landscape that surrounds you which is the Gorges Du Verdon.

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