The Magic of Cote d'Azur

We spend so much time watching the Tour de France seeing some spectacular scenery from those helicopter shots of picturesque towns of France.

The Cote d'Azur might be more known for people escaping the cold blues of Europe and heading to the south of France for some glorious sunshine and gorgeous beaches but there is so much more like those little hidden climbs that never seem to feature on everyone's Strava - those are those little gems you want to explore, quieter roads out in the middle of nowhere, just you, your bike and your thoughts left to get lost on your own adventure in Petit France.

Pont du Loup to Gréolières ride

Gréolières starting from Pont du Loup I can only describe this climb as simply breathtaking. Every metre of the 28.5km climb which takes you away into the mountains away from the hustle of Nice. This climb is fairly consistent in gradient averaging 4.4% which allows you to get into a steady rhythm and just let those km’s tick away whilst you sit back and just take in those picturesque views on the left.

As you ascend towards the top you enter through these little gems of caves just to give you a brief respite from the blazing sun, once you pass through the final cave you are near the top which is an absolute must to stop and take a selfie and just drink in those views for miles and miles before you either turn around and race to the bottom or take a brief recovery and explore the countless spectacular climbs that lie ahead.

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